Technological advancements in Pharmacy

Discover how technological advancements are transforming the pharmacy sector, enhancing medication management, workflow efficiency, and patient care. Explore innovations such as telepharmacy, CRM outreach automation, automated dispensing units, prescription drug monitoring programs, and smart medication reminder devices that are reshaping the field and improving the overall healthcare experience.

Arief Mohammad

6/1/20243 min read

Over the past decade, pharmacists and pharmacy regulators have experienced change as a constant companion. Technological advancements within the pharmacy sector have been transformative, propelling the entire industry to new heights. These advancements have reformed various aspects of pharmacy practice, from enhancing medication management systems, optimize workflow efficiency, improve medication safety, and expand access to healthcare services.

This advancement not only streamlines pharmacists' daily tasks but also raises the bar for patient care standards, representing a substantial leap forward for the pharmacy field collectively. Pharmacies can now use technology to create tailored software solutions that automate a patient's prescription, refill history and cross-reference with other medications obtained from different pharmacies.

Let’s explore some of the transformative advancements that have reshaped the field

Patient Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Outreach Automation

Patients can conveniently access their medications and other pharmaceutical care products from the comfort of their homes. Pharmacists are utilizing remote prescription authentication and live-video counselling to connect with patients, ensuring the same level of engagement and care as in a traditional pharmacy setting. Some of the countries using telepharmacy include United States, Canada, Belgium, Cuba, Guam, Germany, France, Japan, Denmark, Italy, Venezuela, Spain, Bahrain, and Egypt. Telepharmacy is a rapidly emerging field with the potential to transform and improve the delivery of pharmacy services for rural and remote population.


Online pharmacies are leveraging CRM software to manage client interactions via social media, SMS, and email, compensating for the extended duration of prescription processing and delivery. This technology enhances patient engagement with their health and pharmacy, boosting adherence through features like medication refill prompts and tailored wellness newsletters.

Automated Dispensing Units

This increases fill time, reduces human error, and enables personnel to concentrate on patient contact instead of prescription filling.

Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs (PDMPs)

PDMPs serves as an electronic repository tracking controlled substance prescriptions within a state. These databases furnish health authorities with timely insights into prescribing patterns and patient behaviours relevant to the epidemic, enabling swift and targeted interventions. PDMPs stand out as one of the most promising state-level initiatives aimed at enhancing opioid prescription practices, educating clinicians, and safeguarding vulnerable patients.

Medication Reminder Devices

Patients have access to a range of innovative gadgets in the market that provide smart medication reminders. These gadgets include devices that seal medication packs after dispensing the correct dosage, emit alerts and flashing lights when it's time for a dose, and feature patient compliance platforms displaying the next scheduled dose.

On the whole the technological advancements in pharmaceuticals yield benefits for both pharmacy teams and patients, enhancing the overall experience and fostering improved synergy throughout every stage of the prescription process.

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