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Arief Mohammad
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What is PEBC?

The Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada (PEBC) exam is a certification process for pharmacists who have been trained internationally and wish to practice in Canada. The PEBC exam ensures that these pharmacists have the necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities to practice safely and effectively within the Canadian healthcare system. The process includes several components

  1. Document Evaluation: This is the first step where the PEBC assesses the educational and professional credentials of the candidate to ensure they meet the Canadian standards.

  2. Evaluating Exam: This written exam assesses the candidate's knowledge of pharmaceutical sciences and clinical practice. It typically includes multiple-choice questions covering various topics such as pharmacology, pharmaceutics, therapeutics, and pharmacy practice.

  3. Qualifying Exam: This is a two-part exam:

    • Part I (MCQ): A multiple-choice question exam that tests the candidate's knowledge and problem-solving abilities in clinical and professional practice.

    • Part II (OSCE - Objective Structured Clinical Examination): This practical exam assesses the candidate's communication, problem-solving, and clinical skills in a simulated pharmacy environment.

  4. Language Proficiency: Candidates must also demonstrate proficiency in English or French, as these are the primary languages used in the Canadian healthcare system.


  • Bachelor of Pharmacy (B.Pharm)

  • Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) degree

Path to Becoming a
Licensed Pharmacist in Canada

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Pass the PEBC Evaluating Exam

Pass the PEBC Qualifying MCQ Exam

Step 4

Step 5

Pass the PEBC Qualifying OSCE Exam

Step 6

IELTS, Bridging course, Jurisprudence exam, and internship.

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Meet Your Instructors

Mr. Arief Mohammad, an accredited consultant pharmacist in Australia, is renowned for his teaching skills and practice-based experience, including home medication reviews and immunization services. His background as a hospital preceptor and university lecturer in Malaysia enhances his expertise in pharmacy practice.

Harika Bheemavarapu, Director of Elite Expertise, is a Master of Pharmacy and an accredited consultant pharmacist with the Australian Association of Consultant Pharmacists (AACPA). Currently a Clinical Pharmacist and Educator at Monash Health Hospital in Melbourne, she has five years of practice in Australia, an impeccable track record with KAPS and intern pharmacist exams, and a passion for interactive education to achieve the best patient outcomes.

Arief Mohammad

Harika Bheemavarapu

Accredited consultant pharmacist

Accredited consultant pharmacist