Steps to Become Pharmacist in Australia

Discover the essential steps for overseas candidates to become pharmacist in Australia. From completing a Pharmacy degree to qualifying in the KAPS exam and obtaining English language proficiency, each step is crucial. Additionally, candidates undergo supervised internship and pass exams to attain general registration with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA), enabling them to practice as pharmacists nationwide.

Neha Jukanti

5/15/20241 min read

The 5 basic steps to become a registered pharmacist includes:

1. The overseas candidate must complete his/her degree in Pharmacy such as a Bachelor or Master of Pharmacy or Doctor of pharmacy (Pharm D).

2. To get registered with the Pharmacy Board of Australia, the overseas candidate must qualify KAPS (knowledge assessment of pharmaceutical sciences) exam conducted by Australian Pharmacy Council.

a) Prior to KAPS exam the candidate must undergo the eligibility check to ensure he/she is eligible to sit for the KAPS exam and to receive skill assessment outcome.

b) The candidate must take KAPS examination and should secure 50% in each subject in both paper 1 and paper 2. (This skill assessment and KAPS exam can be completed from the candidate’s home country).

3. After clearing the KAPS exam milestone, it is the time to begin their journey to achieve the permanent residency in Australia.

a) English Language Test: Since Australia is an English-speaking country, the candidate who wish to migrate to Australia must prove their English skills by taking certain exams called: IELTS academic, PTE academic and OET.

b) AHPRA Registration: The Australian Health Practitioner Registration agency offers the provisional and permanent registration to the KAPS qualified candidates which is required to practice as a pharmacist in Australia.

4. The candidate must apply for internship and must complete one-year supervised internship (1575 hours) with a registered pharmacist and pass an oral and written exam to apply for general registration as a pharmacist.

5. Once the candidate passes the intern written and oral examination, he/she can apply for general registration with AHPRA and can work as a registered pharmacist anywhere throughout Australia.