Scope and Practice of Overseas Pharmacist in Australia

Discover the extensive scope of responsibilities for KAPS-qualified overseas pharmacists practicing in Australia. From medication supply and dispensing to medication reviews, disease management, and collaboration with other healthcare professionals, pharmacists play a vital role in ensuring safe and effective patient care. Explore their involvement in prescribing activities and ordering laboratory tests, highlighting their essential contribution to the healthcare system.

Neha Jukanti

5/15/20241 min read

In Australia, the scope of KAPS-qualified overseas pharmacists practicing as pharmacists in Australia has a wide range of responsibilities.

1. Medication Supply and Dispensing: Pharmacists play a crucial role in ensuring safe and accurate medication supply and dispensing the prescribed medications to patients, providing essential counselling on proper usage and potential side effects.

2. Prescribing: The prescribing rights for pharmacists has been a topic of interest in Australia. Pharmacists currently in Australia are authorized to engage in activities like medication continuance, therapeutic substitution, and therapeutic adaptation.

3. Review Medications: They conduct thorough reviews of patients’ medication regimens, identifying potential interactions, adverse effects, and opportunities for optimization.

4. Disease Management: Pharmacists contribute to disease management by collaborating with other healthcare professionals and they adjust the medication plans to individual patient needs.

6. Ordering and Interpreting Laboratory Tests: In some cases, pharmacists are involved in ordering and interpreting laboratory tests related to medication management.

General practice pharmacists work closely with general practitioners (GPs) to optimize patient care, with a primary focus on medication management and beyond.