PEBC Announces Exciting Changes to the Pharmacist Evaluating Examination

The Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada (PEBC) has announced significant updates to the Pharmacist Evaluating Examination, including an additional exam sitting in October 2024, revised eligibility criteria for reattempts, and a shortened exam length. These changes aim to enhance the examination process, offering greater flexibility and alignment with contemporary educational standards. For more details, visit the PEBC website.


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The Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada (PEBC) has unveiled significant updates to the Pharmacist Evaluating Examination, marking a pivotal shift aimed at enhancing the examination process for aspiring pharmacists. These changes are set to streamline exam access, adjust the examination structure, and update the exam content to align with contemporary educational standards.

Additional Pharmacist Evaluating Examination Sitting in October 2024

In response to the growing demand for more frequent exam opportunities, PEBC is introducing an additional Pharmacist Evaluating Examination sitting in October 2024. This new schedule adjustment is designed to facilitate quicker access to the exam following the successful completion of the Document Evaluation phase. Importantly, starting in 2025, PEBC will offer four examination sittings annually, a move that promises greater flexibility and reduced waiting times for candidates.

New Eligibility Criteria for Reattempts of PEBC Evaluating Exam

To ensure candidates have ample time to prepare adequately, PEBC has updated the eligibility criteria for retaking the Pharmacist Evaluating exam. Unsuccessful candidates will not be eligible to apply for the next immediate exam sitting. For instance, if a candidate does not pass the June 2024 exam, their next opportunity to retake the Pharmacist Evaluating exam will be in January 2025. This policy considers the necessary preparation time and aligns with the release of exam results and subsequent application deadlines.

Shortening the PEBC Evaluating Exam Length

PEBC's ongoing efforts to refine the exam process include shortening the length of the Pharmacist Evaluating Examination. Following a comprehensive study, PEBC has decided to reduce the number of questions from 200 to 150, effective from the October 2024 sitting. This change aims to maintain the reliability and consistency of pass-fail decisions while reducing the overall testing time to approximately three hours. Detailed information regarding this adjustment will be shared in early July.

Updating the Exam Blueprint

Reflecting the shift to entry-level PharmD programs across Canadian institutions, PEBC is updating the exam blueprint to ensure alignment with the new curriculum standards. The updated blueprint, expected to be announced later this summer, will come into effect no earlier than June 2025. As part of this transition, PEBC is conducting further analysis, which may lead to additional reductions in the exam length.

Important Dates and Application Information

These progressive changes by PEBC underscore a commitment to optimizing the examination process, ensuring candidates are better prepared, and aligning the exam content with current educational standards. Aspiring pharmacists can look forward to a more efficient and responsive examination experience in the coming years.

For more information on examination dates and fees, candidates are encouraged to visit the PEBC website.

The additional October 2024 exam sitting is scheduled for October 9th. Applications will be accessible to qualified candidates through their Portal accounts starting May 6th, with the application window remaining open until June 27th, 2024. It's important to note that candidates scheduled for the June 2024 exam will not be allowed to transfer their application and fee to the October sitting.

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