Opting for Australia: The Premier Choice for Overseas Pharmacy Pursuits

Just graduated from pharmacy school? Are you a registered pharmacist in your home country eager to practice in Australia? Or are you an experienced pharmacist seeking career advancement? Embarking on the path to becoming a registered pharmacist in Australia could be the solution you've been seeking! Why choose Australia to work and live?

Arief Mohammad

6/4/20242 min read

Why choose Australia to work and live?

Australia is widely regarded as a prime destination for pharmacists to pursue their careers, with several compelling reasons to opt for this country, including:

Standard of living
Australia is renowned for its excellent quality of life, top-notch healthcare system, and rich cultural diversity.

Career prospects
Pharmacists have the opportunity to work across diverse settings such as hospitals, research facilities, community pharmacies, educational establishments, and governmental organizations which makes Australia the best opportunity.

High demand for pharmacists
Australia consistently has a high demand for skilled pharmacists, offering plentiful job openings and favourable career outlooks.

Australia ranks among the top 10 highest-paying countries for pharmacists. As of January 2021, the average annual salary for pharmacists in Australia stood at AU$77,718. In 2024, entry-level pharmacists can expect a salary range of $61,956–$64,480, mid-level pharmacists $65,125–$80,000, and experienced pharmacists $91,000–$114,000.

Additional perks
Pharmacists in Australia can benefit from opportunities for community engagement, career progression, job security, flexible work arrangements, and promising prospects for professional development.

Safe place to live and work
According to Australian crime rate and statistics, there has been a decline in the crime rate when compared to other English-speaking countries like New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States indicating that Australia is a secure destination for international pharmacists seeking employment with low crime rate.

In conclusion, Australia emerges as one of the most favorable destinations for pursuing a career as a pharmacist. Still, have some doubts? Elite Expertise is here to provide the guidance and information you need to confidently navigate your path toward becoming a pharmacist in Australia

Mr. Arief Mohammad is renowned for his excellent teaching skills and practice-based experience which can contribute to developing practice-based knowledge for a learner. He has been a practicing pharmacist in Australia for the last 5 years and has been a preceptor to several students and intern pharmacists.

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Arief Mohammad
Arief Mohammad