Applying Document Evaluation for PEBC Certification?

Are you an international pharmacy graduate aspiring to practice pharmacy in Canada? Understanding the document evaluation process is your crucial first step toward achieving certification from the Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada (PEBC).

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6/6/20242 min read

PEBC's meticulous document evaluation ensures that your pharmacy degree meets the standards required for certification. Here's everything you need to know to navigate this essential process smoothly

Eligibility and Necessities

Before diving into the evaluation process, ensure you meet the basic eligibility criteria:

  • A four-year degree in pharmacy is mandatory.

  • Obtain a NAPRA ID, as it's indispensable for creating a portal with PEBC for Document Evaluation.

Required Documents

Gather the following documents to support your application:

  • A properly witnessed printed application form.

  • Certified copies of documents verifying your identity such as such as a birth certificate or marriage certificate.

  • Documentation demonstrating graduation from an acceptable pharmacy program or University degree certificate.

  • Documents confirming your international licensing status (a current-dated letter from the licensing authority stating that your license is in ‘good standing’).

  • Statutory declarations, if applicable.

Submission and Process

Submit your documents as instructed:

  • Application forms and identity verification documents should be couriered to PEBC.

  • College-issued documents and licensing status proofs may be couriered or emailed directly by your respective authorities.

Addressing Discrepancies

In case of any discrepancies with your submitted documents, PEBC will promptly notify you via email. Additional documents may be requested to resolve these discrepancies, potentially extending the evaluation timeline.

Evaluation Timeline and Fees

Be prepared for an evaluation period of approximately 8 weeks which might extent in case of any discrepancies mentioned above. The document evaluation incurs a fee of CAD 705, payable at the time of submission.

Results and Validity

Upon completion of the evaluation, PEBC will upload a results letter to the Digital Wallet in your Portal account within 5 business days. The results of the Document Evaluation remain valid for five years from the date on the results letter.


Document Evaluation is your gateway to pursuing pharmacy practice in Canada through PEBC certification. By adhering to the outlined procedures and ensuring the submission of accurate and complete documentation, you set yourself on the path toward achieving your professional goals.

Remember, each step of the process plays a crucial role in determining your eligibility for subsequent examinations (like Evaluating exam and Qualifying exam) and eventual certification. Stay informed, organized, and proactive to navigate the Document Evaluation process smoothly and embark on your journey toward a fulfilling career in pharmacy in Canada.

Mr. Arief Mohammad is renowned for his excellent teaching skills and practice-based experience which can contribute to developing practice-based knowledge for a learner. He has been a practicing pharmacist in Australia for the last 5 years and has been a preceptor to several students and intern pharmacists.

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